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Why is the pricing different for Pre-pay verses online?

When we decided to got to online ordering, we understood that the pricing would be different, yet, it remains the most effective way for you as parents to get your child's portrait but it comes at a different cost. Why? It's the nature of the beast. Our expenses go up with online hosting: our cost, hosting fees, administration, not to mention the ever rising cost of living, etc.

So why do we do it then?

We do it for you. Over the past 27 years I have had parents ask me many questions about their order, such as, "why can't I decide on what I want in a package instead of using a preset package?" Hearing this, about 10 years back we stopped offering preset packages and we made it so parents could tell us what they needed in their portrait package. That standard still exists. Today, with Pre-pay we are constantly asked if the image used for a package can be decided by you from our online gallery. It's a great idea but, due to the large number of children we photograph, it becomes impossible to track and deliver: until now. We will always try to get 2 to 5 images of each child online for you to choose from. Our system allows time, time for you to decide, time for you to email family about choice, time for you to fit it into your budget. Finally, it is delivered directly to your home or office. Our primary lab is in California and orders usually go out within a few days of receipt at the lab. This means faster delivery for you once you order. We want you to be as satisfied as possible and we think that this is the best way to do that.

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